In this war between the “angel of death” and the soldiers of life,

our angels of compassion reach out to those most vulnerable.

They place themselves between the enemy and those whose battles with time

have left them bent, whose battles with illness have left them scarred.

While the horseman gallops toward us,

our angels of mercy reach out daily–

They carry not a scale, a sword, or bow–

only a small bottle of disinfectant or hand wipe against the enemy–

their only shield a pair of gloves or mask.

They carry not the banners of the horsemen.

They carry the banner of Agape, unconditional care that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance.

It is the banner with the heart of compassion, service and giving,

which defeats the strongest of enemies in the great arc of history.

Let us never forget that “they also serve” who only bend, clean, touch, comfort, and provide their presence in the time of Covid.

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